How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media

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To promote your blog, its certainly not just posting on a few social media accounts and hoping that someone will see it or let alone find it. Unfortunately, its not going to work like that. However, building your social media presence up the right way and gaining followers and fans that truly love your content. Will almost definitely, brighten up and promote your blog itself.

While we wait to get there, how about trying some of these ways to get you on your way.

1. Email subscribers list

This comes up time and time again, not because its the same-old or its a boring tip. In fact, its the complete opposite. As soon as you start blogging, you should be collecting an email address from your readers. This way you can engage with them further at a later date.

It remains the most powerful and cost effective way to build a fan/customer base for your brand. Not sure how to build a subscribers list? Check out this post, Creating an email subscriber list for your blog.

2. Pick two social media platforms and master them

Picking two social media platforms and engaging with them will benefit you than being on every single one. Why? Some people who read your blog may not use a certain social media platform. Picking the right two and taking the time to engage with others and frequently post. This will be a better way to promote your blog in the long term.

3. Niche social bookmarking sites to promote your blog

Sharing your content with like-minded individuals will bring in more people to read your content and boost traffic and sales. This is a fantastic way to promote your blog if done the right way. This however, will depend on your niche subject. Perhaps searching for social bookmarking sites and see what is out there. People still use these.

4. Social groups, Forums & communities

All of these online societies give you a chance to inspire, contribute and build relationships. Better yet, this gives you a chance to stamp your authority on competitors and readers. Look for established groups where there are frequently updated posts.

Few examples:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Web Forums

These are just to name a few. My personal favourite, LinkedIn, it provides me with amazing traffic from like-minded individuals and if your profile is set up right, you can build great relationships with people in your niche.

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5. Interview other bloggers to promote your blog

If you managed to like the last one above and you have built some relationships. Why not ask them for an interview? Amazingly, this can provide you with a potential blog post or some great quotes to add into other blog posts. Better yet, this provides unique content that your readers will love.

If you ask nicely and present yourself well, most people will say yes. It gives them exposure and they will more than likely share the content. Plus, there will be a high probability that they will share the content with their own social media following. This can be a fantastic and unique way to promote your blog.

6. Guest posting on other blogs

Another great way to promote your blog. As well as, building relationships. Guest posting can be a great way of attracting other readers from other blogs to yours. By providing other bloggers with a free blog post. You gain a backlink to your blog and maybe some potential readers that will come back.

Check out this post Guest posting on other blogs and where to find them to read more on this invaluable tip.

7. Comment on other blogs

If you come across other top blogs in your niche, perhaps try reading a few articles. This is a great way to do some research and gain a few ideas for blog posts along the way. Commenting is a great way to gain the attention of other readers and the blog owner. If you add something into the commentary that is useful and compelling.

More times than not, people are going to want to come and visit your blog. Who knows, you may even get a message from the blog owner to write a guest post! This goes back to building relationships again.

Making friends and partners is a great way to promote your blog. People who like and trust you are more likely to share your content with others.

8. Paid advertising

Some social media platforms offer a way of promoting your blog with paid advertising. This however, is only effective of course if you are willing to part with your own cash. The more money you spend per day of advertising, the more people your blog or blog post will see the ad. This also depends on the demographic of people you want to put this advert out in front.

9. Promote your blog with Content Repurposing

Do you have a blog post that could possibly be turned into a video or an infographic? You can reach a better audience and create a graphic of your information for other platforms that you may not think of. For example, Turning your words into an infographic and posting on Instagram will be another audience to take in your information but not in the format it was intended.


There are some fantastic ways in this post for you to promote your blog. I recommend choosing one a week and focus on doing that to build your relationships and promote your blog some more. You will certainly see some great results by following these steps. You may find one tactic works better than the other. Pick what works for you and go hard at them. You will see results quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you. Leave a comment if you like. I’d love to hear from you.

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