How to keep motivated while blogging

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It can be a stressful time when you are writing posts to an invisible audience that may or may not turn up. To keep motivated can be hard. On the other hand, is isn’t all just doom and gloom. Every blogger will go through this at some stage in their endeavour. There are ways you can combat this and keep motivated as you build your blog.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the ways you can keep motivated while you write and run your blog. Like most things, after a while. The boredom can tend to sit with you and encourage you to not open your blank post page and write something that could potentially help someone else.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you keep blogging all year round.

Attract positive feedback to help keep motivated

Attracting feedback is very hard if you are starting out as a new blogger. Just like anything, you just have to keep working at your blog. Encouraging your readers to engage with your posts is a great way of building a community.

Respond to your readers comments

Simply ask your readers to leave comments about what they think. Responding to these will show that you are part of the conversation. Respond to everyone who comments and they may even pop back to see if you have. If you are looking to build traffic to your blog, this is a great way of engaging your readers and hopefully they will share your posts to their friends.

Find a blogging companion to keep motivated

Why should you have to take this journey alone? Why not find yourself a friend or someone in your community who also runs a blog. The benefit of this is that you will never feel lonely whilst writing or maintaining your blog. You can also critique each others work and push each other in the directions you both want to go.

Encourage your circle to share your posts

Nowadays, nearly everyone you know will have some sort of social media account. Therefore, they have a social circle of their own. Why not simply ask your friends and family to share your blog or posts on their social accounts? This can be great as you can reach more people and get your blog noticed. Be careful not to pester them. Only share quality content and give them a reason to vouch for you.

How to keep motivated while writing blog posts

The main reason anyone is ever going to visit your blog is for your content. Whether that will be writing, videos or images. Eventually you are going to have to write something. Using some of these helpful tips may encourage you to write and publish your content more consistently.

Create a schedule

If you are worried that you are not producing enough content, it may be wise to make yourself a schedule where you have the time to write. Secondly, giving yourself some time that is actually set aside to create blog posts is only going to help you keep motivated.

Your schedule does not have to be fancy, take out your diary and find the time to actually write the damn thing. Most writers tend to write either first thing in the morning or last at night. Whatever works for you, just get it in there. It may be a wise decision to write the headline of the blog post you intend to write in your diary too.

Writing outside of your home

Coffee shops are a part of everyday life now. A lot of people like to get out in public and do their writing. Why not pack up your laptop or tablet and get out there and write. A beautiful park may just be the inspiration you need to get that dreaded post completed.

Try a different format

Instead of writing, can your post be made into a video or a gallery? Why not try and mix it up for you and your readers. This may help you keep motivated because it is something you don’t normally do.

Keep a list of potential blog post ideas

I have been doing this one for years. I always keep a draft blog post with all my potential blog post ideas to write about. More often than not, this list grows more than it comes down. I tend to find that when I am writing a post, I often think of two or three other potential posts I could write too.

Sometimes I just sit at my computer not knowing what post I am going to write that day. Instead I open up my drafted blog post of ideas and pick something I want to write about. Its a great way of keeping motivated because I feel that I have a lot to talk about.

Struggling to create content for your blog? Why not find someone who can help you write. Check out our post Using Fiverr – 5 Ways it can help you build your blog. There are many content writers out there who specifically write key word related blog posts for you that are already search engine optimised.

Use comments as your inspiration to write your blog posts

If one of your readers is engaging your blog posts. Ask yourself if you can turn this response into a blog post. Create a post answering a question to give yourself some more content. Don’t forget to go back to the commenter and let them know you created a post.

Creating content is such an important part of your blogging journey. Finding a way to keep motivated is no easy task. Hopefully some of these above can help you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. How do you keep motivated? Do you have any tips or tricks? Please let me know in the comments below.

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