How To Get Your First 1000 Visitors To Your Blog

gaining visitors to your blog

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Starting and getting visitors to your blog can be a struggle. Before that, you spend your time setting up your blog and writing a few posts.

Now, nobody seems to be visiting.

This however, only has to be a setback.

A setback indeed, in this post today, we are going to look at ways in which you can absolutely make sure you get your first 1000 visitors to your blog.

1. Content is always King

Whilst searching, you may always see this one in every list of ways to build traffic to your blog. Work on creating some of the best possible content you can. Fit as much writing into your day to day lives as much as possible.

For example

If you have 100 amazing packed content blog posts. This is 100 chances of ranking first in the search engines. Better yet, just think about your chances with 1,000 blog posts.

Develop inspiring blog posts that engage with readers and encourage comments. You can create,

  • How-To Articles
  • Top Lists
  • Comparisons
  • Local News
  • New Related Topical

Having a small army of blog posts ready to publish while your blog is still starting up is crucial to building an early audience to your blog.

These posts should help you a little more on building content:

After a while, maybe a month of two. Take a look at the performance of your blog posts. Additionally, from here you can see what posts have been successful and ones that haven’t. This way, you can see what works and develop a marketing strategy and create a plan going forward from there.

SEO tools

2. Publish your posts on a regular basis

Scheduling randomly, really doesn’t help anyone. It makes you lose track of when your posts come out. Also, it confuses the visitors to your blog too. Building an audience and engaging with them regularly is important to building a consistent traffic source.

Try posting once a week to begin with. If you have more and more posts building up ready for scheduling. Clearly, add another post into your weekly schedule.

Posting consistently on the same days has been shown to boost traffic to your blogs.

Of course, different blogs and different niches work in different ways. Try experimenting over time and see what works for you. Who said blogging was a quick fire way to boosting your presence online, right?

3. Build a social media following to gain more visitors to your blog

A good process to get into, when creating your blog is to lockdown all your social media accounts before someone else takes them.

As we all know, nowadays, social media plays a big part in day to day life. It can also play a big role for your blog too.

Try and build an audience on some of the major platforms. I recommend picking two and establishing yourself with those first.

Make sure to pick the best social media platforms that work well for your blog topics and niche. For example, Twitter is great for tech blogs and news.

Here are two ways you can build a social media following to start you off:

  • Follow leaders and influencers in your niche – What better way to research how to market your own blog posts. You’ll not only get some sort of idea on how others are successful, you will be able to build relationships and gain followers within their community.
  • Join Communities & Groups – Social media platforms are a great way to connect with other like-minded people. Its also great for promoting your blog posts too. By targeting these people, the higher chance of gaining new visitors to your blog.

For more detailed information, check out this post on How to promote your blog on social media.

4. Build an email subscribers list for more visitors to your blog

Asking people for their email address to contact them in the future, can be a daunting thing. On the other hand, it really isn’t. Just simply ask your visitors to sign up. Back to step one, by building content and providing information your visitors can value. They will happily give you their email address.

You can use an email subscribers list for a number of things:

  • Email to send them updates about new blog posts
  • Advertise products
  • Send Newsletters

You can also check out this post to find out more:

5. Guest Posting on other blogs

Guest posting can bring you a vast amount of visitors to your blog. This is also great for creating more backlinks to your blog for your SEO. Again, this can build great relationships and you should target other bloggers that are in your area.

By supplying one of your greatest blog posts to other blogs, you can bring another wave of traffic and convert some readers in the process.

Guest posting has so many benefits. Find out more and where to find them here.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, why not? If you need convincing, read this post; 9 Reasons why you should be starting a blog.

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