How to get your blog noticed and boost traffic

a post about getting your blog noticed

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Getting your blog noticed is no easy task. Having said that, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to help you get your blog in front of an audience. Obviously, with millions of other blogs out there, its important to give your blog the best fighting chance.

1. Add social sharing buttons to your posts

Sometimes, you just need to give your readers a push into sharing content. By making sure you add social icons to the end of your posts. Amazingly, this gives your readers a quick way to share what they think is good content. The benefit, you will attract other readers that may not have come across your blog.

Remember to share your posts on your social media platforms.

2. Make sure your posts are SEO optimised

Making sure that your blog posts are optimised for search engines is just as important than most things. I recommend using an SEO plugin for your blogs such as YoastSEO.

Before you hit publish on your posts, make sure you check to see if you are using enough keywords in your headings, images and meta descriptions.

3. Create backlinks to get your blog noticed

Creating backlinks are a great way of ranking higher in the search engines. This basically means that another website has created a link to your blog. Google and other search engines love this because it builds credibility. Not only that, search engines register that your page must have valuable content.

4. Create an email subscriber list

You may see this tip everywhere. Hell, its mentioned on this blog a lot. This is because they are so beneficial to the success of your blog. Fascinating, converting readers into subscribers its no easy task. People will not give away their personal details unless they trust the content you are producing. Evidently, having the best content you can produce is always going to beat everything else.

If you would like to know how to create an email subscribers list for you blog. You should do, why not check out this post. Creating an email subscriber list for your blog.

5. Guest Post on other blogs to get your blog noticed.

Guest posting is a fantastic way of driving traffic to your blog. Moving on, it’s where you post one of your blog posts on someone else’s blog.


  • Your blog and its brand is noticed
  • You get an extra backlink
  • You build relationships and connect with other like-minded individuals

Making sure that if you do guest post on other blogs. Ultimately, you will have to make it the best content you have ever produced. Honestly, this will be the first impression of potential readers clicking and visiting your blog. After that, you may be able to convert some visitors into subscribers. Better yet, customers.

Interested? You should read this post Guest Posting on other blogs and where to find them.

This brings me on to the next one…

6. Connect with others

Take a day or two away from writing content and tweaking the appearance of your blog. Why? Get out there and search for other people and bloggers that are creating other content in your niche. Really, take a minute and appreciate their work.

Take some time and get in contact with them. Be patient, start building relationships and see if there is a way you can collaborate any way. Start following them on social media and establish some friends in a world wide web.

By implementing these ways into your own blog schedule, you’re sure to see an improvement, as always, I hope these help you as much as they have helped me. Better yet, I hope they help you more.

Are there any ways you get your blog noticed? Seriously, I would love to know. Please leave a comment.

If you have any questions. More importantly, please leave a comment also.

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