How to create a Contact Form in WordPress

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Having a contact form in your WordPress blog is another vital page that your blog needs. This is a place where your readers can easily contact you about any of your products and get in touch if they want to collaborate with you.

It may seem like its not possible when first using WordPress but with the use of a varied amount of Plugins, its very simple to do.

In this tutorial I will show you how to add a contact form into one of your WordPress pages.

Step 1. Install a Contact Form Plugin in your WordPress

You can install plugins on your site by logging into your WordPress dashboard, going to Plugins and the to Add New

In the search field, find your ideal contact form Plugin. Click on Install. I use WPForms for this blog right now. I recommend using them too, especially if you’re new to Plugins or WordPress. Its so easy to use and you only have to enter a few details just to get it going. It offers you a choice of a couple of themes but offers more with the premium upgrade.

Do not forget to activate your Plugin. Now we have set up WPForms ready to create and customise our first Contact Form.

Step 2. Creating a Contact Form

Now you have your Plugin installed, you are now ready to take this step and create a new contact form.

You can make as many fields as you need to ask the reader to give you as much information as possible. You can even make some fields a requirement.

Once you have completed your beautiful form, don’t forget to save.

Toggle through the settings of your new contact form and make sure you fill in the required details, for example. When someone uses your contact form, where do the emails end up? Its good practice to set up a professional email dedicated for your contacts and queries.

Step 3. Time to add it to a page

Now that you have set everything up, its time to add your contact form to a page. Most blogs create a dedicated page for people to find all the information on the ways you can stay in touch with the blog owners.

You can add these at the end of blog posts, on landing pages or a dedicated space anywhere on your site.

Using WordPress and WPForms, you are able to insert your contact form into any page at all using the blocks. Simply click on a new block and search for your WPForms block and add it to your page.

From here you can select which form you would like to show and it will appear. If you have made this on a contact page, congratulations, you have made a way for your readers and customers to get in touch with you should they need to.

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