How many blog posts should you have before launch

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Right so you’ve created your blog and now you want to tell the world about your new venture. before that, you are going to need some content for your visitors to read. How many blog posts do you need that is acceptable to launch a blog with?

The truth is, there is no magic number. It really depends on what type of blog you are creating. A good rule of thumb is to have three to five quality blog posts before you launch. This is so you have some content for the people reading your blog.

Its good to keep a brainstormed list of all the blog posts that you are going to right. By the time you have completed your three to five posts, you will have a good idea of the posts that you want to write next. Also you will have a general idea on how much time you need to set aside each week to write.

I personally have a drafted post with all my ideas on blog posts to write. Having a list somewhere is handy and may inspire other ideas for posts.

Writing your blog posts

When it comes to the time of writing your first blog posts, there is no need to make them absolutely fancy and perfect. If anything, you should be creating content that helps the people visiting your site in the near future.

You should publish these posts before you launch. You can do this by either publishing them right away or schedule a time and date of when they are due to go out.

Scheduling your posts for future dates is a good routine to get into. Some blogs post daily whilst others may post weekly. Either way, its also a great way to let your readers get a sense of when new content arrives at your blog. Return readers to your blog will pick up on how often you manage to throw out a blog post.

Don’t forget to create social media posts to promote your new blog posts. These will help massively in driving traffic to your blog.

Have a few drafted posts ready as back up

Especially when you are starting out as a blogger, things can be really busy for you as you learn to set up and maintain your blog. Not all of being a blogger is writing blog posts all day. You may have social media posts to create, perhaps a new logo or engaging with your audience.

You may fall behind on the writing routine and may need to post a back up if you have been unable to write. This is also a great habit to get into because you will feel less pressured and stressed about releasing content on time.

What’s next?

Ideally having around ten blog posts when you launch your blog is a good number to have if you want to have a solid foundation of blog posts. If you’re serious about making a blog, its a great way to get started in the right direction. Make sure to tell your readers how often you will be posting content.

How many do you plan on writing before launching your blog? Let us know in the comments below.

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