Guest Posting on other blogs and where to find them

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Guest posting means writing a blog post and publishing it on another bloggers website. I offer this on my own site so if you would like to submit a post to me if you don’t already, get in touch here. Its a great way of gaining backlinks from other blogs and creating relationships with other blog owners. Its also a great way of getting your brand and name out there as well as a way to connect to new readers.

While building relationships with other bloggers is great. Another, guest posting is also great for search engines. Building credible backlinks to your blog with higher page ranking blogs will help you rank higher in the rankings.

Where do I find blogs to guest post on?

You can literally find them anywhere, search for other blogs in your niche and reach out to them. Chances are they have a contact page and many include a “Write for Us” page too. Secondly, if that’s not enough, try adding the words “Write for Us” in the search engine and see what pages include them.

This is a fantastic way of finding others that would welcome guest posting on their blog. Getting that valuable backlink to your blog will do wonders for blog traffic and search engine rankings.

What should your guest posting be about?

Try and make sure this post is one of the greatest posts that you have ever written. Producing such a creation will have a higher chance of bringing readers to your blog. They may even stick around and return to your blog.

Spend a while searching the blog and see if you can create a post about something they haven’t included or posted yet. This will help you as well as the blogs owner and a favourite on their blog for sometime.

Find them on social media to see how active they are

Most blogs have a social media army of where they share their content to. Have a search through and see how active they are. This will determine whether or not they will share your content. The main aim for guest posting is to create a backlink, build relationships and build traffic. You want to make sure your work of art blog post is going to get the attention it deserves.

How to approach a guest posting opportunity

A great way to approach a blogger about guest posting on their blog is to make sure its personal to them. Don’t just copy and paste a paragraph that you’ve sent to other bloggers. After all, you are building relationships too.

Take the time to read their content and maybe give advice or compliment a post you just read. Act as a role model in your niche and make friends.

After getting your guest post on somebodies blog, stick around for a few days and be active in the comments. This will go a long way with building trust and relationships with your audience.

I hope this helps you on why it is important to guest post and why you should be doing it. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know in the comments below.

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