Creating an email subscriber list for your blog

How to build an email subscriber list.

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An email subscriber list has been said by some to be one of the most important things to have when running a successful blog. It allows the blogger to ask for their readers email address and sometimes some more of their personal information, to enable to engage with them at another time.

Bloggers can use their subscribers’ details to send them exclusive offers, related posts and new posts. This can be beneficial to remind your readers that you are still out there trying to engage and also offer them additional services that you may offer.

If your readers love and trust you enough to give up their personal details, you must be doing something right. This means that the readers want to engage with you more and enjoy reading your content.

How do I create a subscriber list?

There are a number of tools and plugins out there to set you up and build a database of like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things as you. Below are some suggestions to include in your blogs.


MailChimp help with building a subscriber list

MailChimp is a veteran in capturing emails for a subscriber list for many bloggers for many years. Over this time they offer many services as well as email capture.

Whether you have a creative side or just want to use the templates provided they give you the option. If you use WordPress to power your blog, you can easily find many plugins that are compatible and integrate with MailChimp.

Even if you choose not to use them for building a database, they are certainly worth checking out their other services.


MailOptin is a plugin for building a subscriber list.

As they say on their website, MailOptin converts website viewers into subscribers and can send one off newsletters. It has an amazing plugin to integrate with WordPress and this blog also uses it too.

MailOptin has an amazing form builder to allow you to create pop up email subscription boxes, notification bars to allow a constant subscription box on the visitors screen and remains visible. Its an alternative to a pop up email subscription box as it doesn’t interrupt the visitors reading.

The plugin offers a free version and a premium version with the latter offering better services and features.

MailOptin - #1 WordPress lead generation and automated email marketing plugin

Why does my blog need a subscriber list?

Not only are they a re great of telling your readers that you have a new post up. A blog subscriber list is essential for any blogger that is looking to generate an income.

They are a great way of getting a new product such as an eBook that you have just released, to a target audience interested in your content. The more subscribers you have equals more chance of generating an income.

How to grab the subscriber

If you have used the tools above to build a campaign, you may be wondering what pop up boxes you want and what the options are. It really all depends on the blog and what works for you, some people can find certain ones irritating. Have a play around and see which ones work for you and your readers.

Create a pop up or footer slide in for your landing page

Like I said previously, the pop up can be a little distracting and invasive for some people but they can work. The footer one isn’t as invasive and stays at the bottom of the readers screen and is in constant vision. These are great to offer your readers a free gift if they join. These can be anything from a free eBook or a free consultation for being apart of your community.

Encourage everyone to sign up

This one can be a fantastic way to build your email subscriber list. Tell your friends, family, work colleagues or whoever you may meet. People who know you or feel comfort in you will be more encouraged to give up their email to read your new posts. Who knows, they may even buy a product you are potentially selling?

Check out other blogs in your niche and see what they’re doing

There is nothing wrong with seeing other peoples blogs and even reaching out to them. Especially ones that are in a similar niche as you. Take a look at how they reach out to their readers. They’re maybe a reason why they are opting for a scroll down pop up over a footer pop up window.

What do I do next?

Play around with some tools or plugins and see what works for you. Having an email subscriber list can only help your blog grow. If you are offering your readers great content, they will certainly keep coming back to read what you are putting out.

Do you have an email subscribers list already? How do you build your database? Let us know in the comments below.

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