Creating A Blog Post Schedule That Works For You

creating a blog post schedule

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Creating a blog post schedule can be a huge challenge. Even now, after a decade of creating blogs and websites, I still struggle to keep up my blogging schedule.

Not only is it practical to have a blog post schedule, it encourages motivation and the persuasion to keep going.

In this post, I am going to show you why its important to have a blogging schedule and the benefits for it too.

Creating a blog post schedule will allow you to publish consistently

This is important, why? By publishing consistently, you are able to build some trust with visitors who come to your blog. Like everyone, you really don’t want to be visiting old blogs or hoping that when you visit. Your favourite blogger may have posted.

Establishing trust and keeping an active blog posting routine up, people are more likely to visit and potentially buy a product if you’re selling.

By consistently publishing, you will increase traffic income to your blog dramatically. Amazingly, people like to build relationships with others. They come for you, your constant content and personality. Give them what they want!

Establish your goals and how you will get there

By establishing what you want to achieve can help you build a schedule. Its true, whatever you aim to achieve it will all come down to your content. That said, blasting out blog posts everyday certainly wont achieve your goals. Instead, its what you achieve once those posts are published.

  • First, start off by working out how much time you can commit to blogging each week
  • Second, create a list of all the potential posts you can write.
  • Next, sort out which posts are going to post when.
  • Finally, get those blog posts done.

Getting some sort of routine that feels like normality, is a great way of making sure you achieve these goals.

Personally, I tend to post on a Monday or Thursday. I do this for two reasons.

  1. It allows my readers to understand when I have new posts coming out.
  2. The days of and after, I tend to promote the blog post.

By posting twice a week with good content. It allows me to focus on building a blog posting schedule where I am writing posts for weeks in advance. If I write three posts a week, I am already writing more than I am posting.


You have just created a blogging schedule. Another tip, keep a diary and keep a list of what future blog posts are due to be published.

This will help you build a marketing strategy for promoting your future content. Also, its a great way to hype up amazing things that are coming to your blog.

If you have succeeded at creating a blog post schedule, writing is fun for you and your content is valued. Honestly, blogging should be a walk in the park for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any comments or tips that can help, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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