Choosing the best blogging platform for you in 2021

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When starting a blog, one of the first steps in creating one is choosing the best and most suitable blogging platform. Its important to know what you are trying to achieve with your blog and do some quality research into each platform before you choose.

Deciding on which one to choose can be confusing and frustrating. Therefore. In this post, I have decided to put together a list of the best blogging platforms out there for you to scour through.

In this guide:

  • How to decide which blogging platform to choose
  • Conclusion

How to decide which blogging platform to choose

When choosing to take your first steps into becoming a blogging wizard, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. Its vital you pick the right platform for your goals. This is important as it can save you some hassle a few months down the line if you decide to change.

How do you pick? Let me tell you, below are some of the factors I take in mind when creating blogs:

  • Cost of blog – Especially when you are starting out creating a blog, its wise to consider the costs of running a blog. Generally, when people first start out, they tend to stick to the free blogging platforms. This is absolutely fine. If you are the type of blogger that has the aim of monetising your blog, you may want to consider finding a host and paying for a premium site. This way you have more control over your blog. Check my blog post on Why I use FastHosts as my host.
  • Monetisation – This brings me on to my next subject. Many bloggers look to monetise their blogs and set up an income. If this is you, you may want to choose a blogging platform that supports third party plugins and allows you to create ads and start generating income.
  • Easy user interface – If you are a beginner who has never created a blog, you may want to find a blogging platform that has a built in page builder. The very least, a template for you to work in. You may want to find a platform that requires next to no coding or none at all.

I really cant stress enough, changing blogging platforms after you have started one. It can be a very time consuming task and can be troublesome. I learned the hard way!

What’s Next?

There are other blogging platforms that you can use out there, these in this post are ones you should consider using more than others out there. Since you have taken these things into consideration, its now time to check out what platforms are out there for you. picture. Top Blogging Platform..

This one deserves to be first on the list and rightly so. is the best and most flexible blogging platform in my opinion. This is because you have complete control of your website or blog.

You do have to pay a host to have your blog on the internet, but its the most professional way to run one. Millions of professionals use to create their blogs. This one included.

Why not check out this post How to install WordPress tutorial. – Free Blogging Platform

Top free blogging platform.

Like its counter part about, is a free platform that allows the blog creator to build a professional blog. Unfortunately, this version does have limits and its harder to monetise your blog. WordPress also offer an app that you can create and edit posts on the go.

Using this one as your main blogging platform is only going to allow you to grow your site so much. I would mostly use this one to test things out.

blogger. Free blogging platform

Blogger has been around for many, many years. Its a great free blogging platform. It allows you to create easy and adjustable blogs. They offer templates to create beautiful blogs to suit your styles and topics.

Millions use blogger to put out their content and its easy to monetise your blog using Google AdSense.

Squarespace hosts millions of blogs online, so much so. If you are looking to create a visually stunning website with next to no effort, Squarespace is for you.

With Squarespace, hosting is included but this means that they do not offer a free version. If you are publishing content and content only, this is certainly an option for you. Unfortunately, Squarespace doesn’t offer third party addons like Plugins and some widgets.


Out of all of the blogging platforms above, is certainly the best. There is a reason they boast about having the most blogs on the market. Its cheap and easy to run. Most WordPress hosting options are 1 click installations that do everything for you.

Its easy, customizable and you have complete control over how your website runs and looks. It offers so many Plugins and themes for you to download and choose from. You can pretty much change anything about your blog. This is a unique trait compared to the other platforms.

I hope this guide has helped you in deciding what blogging platform you are going to choose. If you have any questions or need any help, please let me know in the comments or you can contact me here.

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