Best Free Stock Photo Websites For Your Blog In 2021

This is a stock photo from a stock imagine website

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When creating your blog. Firstly, there is certainly going to come a point in your creation where you will need to use a stock photo. They literally paint a thousand words. Perhaps some of you out there will have the ability to take your own amazing photos for your blog. The majority of people will perhaps not have that luxury. So where do you go to get photos and images to use on your blog?

Stock photo websites are a great way to find images that smoothly integrate with your blog and make it look that little bit more professional. Most offer millions of images for you to use however you like. Be mindful of the licences involved depending on the stock photo website you use. Some need you to give credit to the owners and some down.

In this post, I will to the best of my knowledge try and give you all the details of the websites that offer what particular licences. Most in this post will act under a licence called “creative commons public domain” dedication. This licence means you can copy, distribute and even modify without asking the owners permission. Its up to you ultimately whether or not you give credit.

Below are some of the best stock photo websites that you can use mostly free on your blog.

1. Unsplash – Stock Photo for everyone

Stock Photo Home Page

Unsplash offers a boasting worthy 2 million different photos for you to use in your blog and websites. As they call it, the worlds most generous community of photographers. I have used UnSplash a lot over the last few years and still use them today. There is a reason why I put them at the top of this post today.

2. Reshot

Stock Photo Home Page

Reshot is a hand picked library of free stock photos built especially for start ups, freelancers and others that are fed up with the same looking stock photos. Like Unsplash, Reshot is free to use for commercial and non commercial purposes.

3. – Free Stock Photo

Stock Photo Home Page offers a varied range of free stock photos for you to scour through. All of the photos are released under the creative commons public domain. The website is created by three photographers who are constantly growing their database of photos for you to use. They are creating this database in their free time as a side job, it may pay to check back regularly for other photos on display.

One downside is that the website has adverts that are on full display for the visitor. Be mindful while scrolling the website. They still have very good photos for you to use.

4. Picjumbo

Stock Photo Home Page

Picjumbo is a great photo stock website. Why? You ask, it updates its collections daily by a photographer called Viktor Hanacek. His pictures are used by millions of bloggers and designers all over the world.

He has a wide selection of categories to explore through, including; Animals, Food & Drink, Nature and Objects just to name a few. His pictures are absolutely free and boasts over 8,000,000 downloads.

Viktor was fed up of stock photo websites rejecting his photos. As a result, he made his own and shares his creations with everyone.

Picjumbo offers a Premium membership where you can receive Premium photos to your inbox every month. Better yet, Picjumbo guarantee at least 50 photos every month. You can find more information here.

5. Well, kind of another one…

You could always try and use your social media accounts and see what your friends and family are posting? Try Instagram or Pinterest. As a result, these can be great ways to find something that you may just need. You could always message the photographer and ask if you can use it in your work. As a result, the photographer gets their photos on a website and therefore you get some content and make a connection with someone.

This can be a great way of networking and interacting with a community. Its good to reach out to others and build a strong foundation in a relationship. I hope these help you in finding some of the best stock photos that you can use in your blogs.

Are they any other ways you gather your photos? Which ones do you prefer and why? I would love to find out. These will certainly help me and others interested, therefore. Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Best Free Stock Photo Websites For Your Blog In 2021”

    1. Hey Pip,

      Thank you for your comment. Please do check out the others. They are really great services to use. I recommend PicJumbo the most, they offer a variety of different photo categories and their Premium Membership is fantastic. PicJumbo send you different photos to your inbox every month!

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